8 Aprile 2015Eating in Modena: 7 foods every visitor to Italy’s culinary capital should try

Bittersweet concoctions

Another Modena specialty, black cherry jam (confettura di amarene brusche) has a unique, bittersweet taste.

Locals define the flavor as “brusco” — sharp.

The low sugar content is a good excuse to finish off a whole jar, and the jam is perfect for short crust pastry pies and tarts, such as crostata.

It’s a nice balance, with the pastry’s sweet flavor offsetting the bitterness of the black cherries.

The marmalade is great alone.

For dessert you can gulp down two spoonfuls or use it as ice cream topping.

One of the top makers of confettura di amarene brusche in Modena is MonteRé.

On its website, buyers can trace the history of their products by entering a code on the package that gives them information on the supply chain, including the original source of the produce.


Fonte:  CNN